Our services

We produce progressive, personalised and practical learning experiences to align the student interests with the careers of tomorrow. How do we deliver on this promise? Read more below!

Video production

Educational video content designed to explain complex subjects in a simple, succinct, and visually engaging manner.

Commercial photography

Encourage deeper examination of topics or ideas with mentally stimulating images that promote attention to detail, critical thinking, and resourcefulness.

New Media

Immersive media like virtual and augmented reality enable students to ‘practice by doing or experiencing’, resulting in more effective learning.

Premium media assets for use in digital classrooms

Specialists in media production for online learning, Seer Education streamlines the process of producing audiovisual content to enable faster delivery of content to support online classrooms.
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Flexible schedule

Run remotely, our flexible approach to business consultancy services is tailored for creative entrepreneurs and business students.

Real-world experience

Off-the-shelf business consultancy services deliver actionable returns for both businesses and students.

Inside access

The affordable service for both parties provides a mutually profitable exchange of wisdom.

Professional growth for consultants and startups

Seer Education Internships power professional growth by connecting aspiring consultants with emerging enterprises in Australia's creative industries.
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Convenient platform

While work experience is limited to a single location, ‘See Your Future’ is a scalable platform providing High School students with countless workplace experiences.

Real-world experience

Identify in-demand and emerging skills in the knowledge economy to position yourself for a successful career.

Actionable information

Identify your “pathway to passion” with actionable careers guidance from industry professionals in order to achieve your dreams.

Virtual Reality careers platform for secondary school students.

An immersive platform enabling high school students to make informed career decisions by exposing them to a diverse set of workplaces.
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